Valuable Information For IRCC Extends Open Work Permit Pilot For Sponsored Spouse

As we all know that Canada government is doing something different which is good and beneficial for immigrants. Now again government of Canada is extending the open work permit for spouse which are sponsored and law which is common for applying permanent residence. There is an updated information issued on December 15 for immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada which is for pilot program under spouse or Common-Law which is extended until Jan, 31 2019. In this extended program applicants are allowed to work which is for their family member. This work is contributed to the economy of Canada only for the time immigrant waiting for new IRCC update.

All you need to know about work permit

According to the Canada government open work permit was launched in 2014. This program of IRCC is extended on December 7, 2016 and extension is only expiring on December 21. It is easy to get open work permit and applicants are submitting their new applications which is under open work permit. In this program pilot can easily submit their work permit application at the same time according to sponsorship application.

Work applications and expire process

There are number of applicants who have already submitted an application for permanent residence but they are not getting work permit and they have to submit this work application separately. Under this process IRCC declared that immigrant who applied for work permit will not obtained the pilot program and they have to apply for work permit before permit expires.

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