Australian Citizenship Laws undergone recent changes

Australian Citizenship Laws undergone recent changes for International Migrants!

Immigrants residing in Australia with an aspiration of becoming Australian Citizen will be required to take an independent English language test prior applying for Australian citizenship from now onwards. Due to the recent changes in the Australian citizenship Laws which took place in the parliament on Thursday, fresh applicants will be required to prove the language proficiency under various level of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

However, the level of proficiency will be decided by the immigration minister itself.

Applicants who can take exemption from this rule must be aged 60 plus or 16 below along with people having hearing, speech, sight impairments or permanent physical or mental disability.

As per the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, “English language was essential to economic participation and social cohesion,” and due to which this new changes have been applied.

He also added that, “There is also strong public support to ensure aspiring citizens are fully able to participate in Australian life by speaking English, our national language.”

The major change took place under this recent reform is the minimum time period of permanent residency in Australia one must have to be eligible for Australian Citizenship.

This time is now changed from a time period of 1 year to 4 years, along with the new examinations and tougher character assessment.

Eligible candidates will also be required to state the incorporation into the community, by “acting in a manner compatible with Australian values”.

Additional changes include:

  • The ‘pledge of commitment’ is now renamed to the ‘pledge of allegiance’.
  • Individuals rejected by the minister for Australian citizenship on the basis other than not fulfilling the eligibility, will be banned for 2 years from Australia.
  • It is a must that the applicants should hold a good character in order to be eligible for Australian citizenship.

Mr. Dutton, further said that, “This  Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

New law will help in maintaining the strong public support for immigration and the Australian citizenship values in an increasingly challenging national security environment.”

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Australian Government reviewing its List of Skilled Occupations

In two months from now, the Australian central government would uncovers its redesigned List of Skilled Occupations (SOL) during the current year 2016-17 which would come into power from first July 2016.

The Australian national government is in the blink of an eye looking into its rundown of talented occupations. The Education Department of Australia is responsible for offering recommendations to the Immigration and Border Protection Minister on the piece of the List of Skilled Occupations (SOL).

This recommendation is offered in light of the entries congregated by the Education Department of Australia that helps recognizes the exchanges and callings that would be sought after in the coming five years in Australia and it likewise brings up which occupations whose interest is either lessening or request is being met locally.

Around 115 entries has been made by worker and industry agent, expert and exchange associations and other partners were gotten that are presently being checked on during the current year’s List of Skilled Occupations. Taking into account the entries that are being made, there is a sign in the occupations list that would be popular as well as required experts in the following coming years.

Australia’s Latest Skilled Occupations List is out

The Department of Border Protection and Immigration (DIBP) has revealed the List of Australia Skilled Occupation List for the year 2016-17. Furthermore, this list of occupation will come into force from 1st July 2016.

Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016-17

The Australia Skilled Occupation List is used under following streams:

  • Skilled Independent visa subclass 189
  • Graduate Temporary visa subclass 485
  • Skilled Regional Provisional Visa subclass 489

The Immigration Department of Australia has moreover revealed its List of Consolidated Sponsored Occupations (CSOL). This list is used for following streams:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
  • Employer Nominated Scheme visa subclass 186
  • Temporary Work Skilled visa subclass 457

Moreover, around 115 sections were made by the business and master firms, specialist and industry operators.  And furthermore, in light of their entrances, occupation once-over has been made that would be well known and requires capable in future years.
A bit of the game plans of occupations are according to the accompanying: Construction wander boss, Accountant, Electronics Engineer, Teachers, Veterinarian, General Practitioner, Nurses, Psychiatrist, Software Engineers and Social Workers et cetera.

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