Latest Canada/Ontario Immigration Agreement Updates

Government of Canada and Ontario aggrandizing their efforts for new enrolling skilled immigrants and they have announced a new agreement. In this newly written announcement they advised candidates to get training. This training will fulfill their needs for occupation requirements based on profession. Bridge training programs for the next coming three years Canada-Ontario Agreement embrace up to $91 million.

New immigrants get various benefits from bridge training program because they can easily bring their working skills to Ontario. Signing ceremony of agreement was divulged on November 24 and it promoted by Canada’s minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, Ontario Minister of Citizenship. With an eye on boosting the Canada’s economy the COIA establish the framework which is based to nourish their achievements and settle them in Ontario. It is one of the most crowded and successful region of Canada.

This agreement will also boost shared understanding, and it is showing their ability to attract immigrants who are speaking French to Ontario. For new permanent immigrations Ontario is one of best destination for settle down in Canada each year. However, it is clear that this strength is increasing or exceeding 100,000 newcomers every-year. According to Hussen this is the right time for announcing new agreement which explicate that how Canada and Ontario will work together for getting complementary goals.

In this new agreement the ambitious target set out in Canada’s recently announced multiyear immigration levels plan which is good for permanent residency visa. Somehow this pan will look out for one million new permanent residents and welcoming them Canada over the three years spanning 2018-2020. If you see result about 2017 then Ontario has issued 6,000 nominations for Canadian permanent residence which is through Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. This is one of the highest PNP targets which is established under the Federal Government for 2018-2020 immigration planning. For more information about this recent news you can visit which is surely for every candidate.

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